Redex Gear Segments Solve Large-diameter and Custom-gear Challenges

Andantex Gear Segments Solve Large-diameter and Custom-gear Challenges

Specifying and implementing the right gear for rotary motion applications is often expensive and challenging. For example, some applications may not require 360 degrees of travel. And, conventional gear manufacturing equipment typically can’t produce larger-diameter gears. Ultimately, larger-size gears and small-volume custom orders tend to cost more and have long lead times. Even if you …

Get a Close-up Look at Redex Servo Reducer Drives

Get a Close-up Look at Andantex Servo Reducer Drives

This new video showcases two Redex servo reducer drives designed to minimize or eliminate backlash in rack & pinion and rotary table drive applications — the KRP DualDRIVE Kit and our Twin DRP with internal ring gear. You’ll get an up-close look at the products and learn about their features. Watch the KRP DualDrive Kit …

Take a Tour of Our KRP0 Rack And Pinion ReducerJanuary 25, 2023

Take a Tour of Our KRP0 Rack And Pinion Reducer

Our latest video takes you on a 360-degree tour of our KRP0 rack and pinion reducer. Learn all the features and benefits that make it well-suited for precision applications such as routers and cutting machinery. For more information, visit our product page.

Understand Key Requirements During Rack and Pinion SelectionDecember 6, 2022

Understand Key Requirements During Rack and Pinion Selection

Although rack and pinion is a very well-established technology with a longstanding design, there’s a wide range of differences among products. When implementing a rack and pinion component for your application, you must account for many factors before making your selection. Examples include size, quality number, materials used, the types of gears, contact ratio and …

Redex Products Deliver Precise Motion For Composite Machinery In Our New VideoNovember 4, 2022

precise motion video

This new video shows our twin drive and dual drive rack and pinion systems, planetary gearboxes and Merobel brakes, controllers and sensors working together as part of a high-performance seven-axis system built for demanding composite applications such as automated tape layering and fiber placement. The preloaded gearboxes ensure high stiffness for precise linear and rotary …

Redex Gear Solutions in Action!October 26, 2022

gear solutions video

In this new video, our modular rack and pinion systems, X- and Y- axis planetary reducers and spindle drive work together as part of a high-performance gantry system. Check out the gantry system and discover the features our solutions offer.

Simplify Automatic Lubrication With a Localized SystemOctober 25, 2022

Flexx Pump 125

For industrial systems that have long or continuous duty cycles, there’s no better way of ensuring machine uptime than automatically lubricating key components like rack and pinions, gearboxes, ball screws and bearings. Unfortunately, many conventional central lubrication systems are big, difficult to install and can be hard to operate. Additionally, many of the lubrication choices …