Redex Gearboxes Give Automated Mortar Systems Shoot-and-Scoot CapabilityMay 18, 2023

Redex Gearboxes Give Automated Mortar Systems Shoot-and-Scoot Capability

Automation has come to the military like many other sectors, and vehicle-mounted mortar fire is no exception. The newest systems are compact in size and can rapidly fire 81-millimeter or larger shells. Computer-controlled, they operate with greater accuracy, longer range and less recoil. Given these advances, infantry units can “shoot and scoot” before an enemy is able to return fire. While traditional systems require four personnel to exit the truck, position and fire the gun, automated systems allow a crew of two to perform the same operation with speed and precision from inside the cabin using a tablet computer.

Like a more nimble tank turret, these systems can be raised, lowered and rotate a full 360 degrees. In order to build a mobile mortar system with these capabilities, manufacturers incorporate a rotating ring gear below the gun along with a high-performance gearbox. The gearbox must offer exceptional precision, rigidity and durability and work with motors with up to 2 kW power output or more. That’s why a globally recognized defense system contractor turned to Redex high-performance planetary gearboxes for one of its newest vehicle-mounted automated mortar systems.

Our REDEX planetary gearboxes are perfectly suited for providing the horizontal rotation and fast reaction for the automated gun. For example, the versatile SRP Series comes in seven sizes with torque ratings ranging from 200 Nm (150 lb-ft) to 18,600 Nm (13,700 lb-ft), providing exceptional torque density and stiffness. Precise aiming is ensured thanks to its low one- or three-arc minutes of backlash. (Two units can be combined to create a zero-backlash drive kit).

The gearboxes feature a patented bearing design whereby the bearing seat of the outer raceway is machined into the gearbox housing. This allows for larger ball bearings in the output bearing that deliver higher capacity in the desired position. Using helical gearing provides lower backlash and higher load capacity. These design elements provide higher performance, durability and longer lifetime in vehicle-mounted mortar systems. Additional features include:

  • High input speeds up to 6,000 rpm.
  • Nine different ratios from 5:1 to 95:1.
  • Excellent acceleration.
  • In-line or right angle motor mounting available.

REDEX gearboxes from Redex are constructed from hardened steel for durability in hot, dry, mountainous or icy environments as well as to withstand shock loading from mortar firing and vehicle operation. Corrosion-resistant coatings are also available.

Thanks to our REDEX gearboxes, the vehicle-mounted automated mortar system can determine a target, position the gun with accuracy of 2 meters or less and destroy the target in mere seconds. The gearboxes are performing as intended in the system’s latest design and are satisfying the builder’s requirements. To find out which gearbox is best for your application, be sure to contact an Redex technical expert.

For more information about REDEX planetary gearboxes from Redex, visit our product page.

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