White Paper Explains What to Look for When Choosing a Planetary Gearbox for High-Performance ApplicationsOctober 25, 2023

Planetary Gearbox Considerations for High-Performance Applications

Planetary gearboxes are a cut above other gearbox types, thanks to a long list of advantages that includes exceptional power density, speed and space savings. But when it comes to high torque, precision, repeatability and backlash-free operation, not all planetary gearboxes are the same.

A new white paper, Planetary Gearbox Considerations for High-Performance Applications, explains why higher-quality planetary gearboxes are often necessary. It also provides an overview of the features that set a top-quality planetary gearbox apart, using Redex planetary gear reducers as examples. With the proper planetary gearbox, you can avoid lost motion or backlash issues in your gearing system.

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