Redex Gearboxes Help Rotating Radar Systems Scan the SkiesAugust 15, 2023

Redex Gearboxes Help Rotating Radar Systems Scan the Skies

Rotating radar systems have proven effective on the battlefield and at sea, helping warfighters track incoming and outgoing missiles. Whether mounted aboard trucks or ships, the antennas used to track these targets revolve by means of a mechanically rotating ring gear and a planetary gearbox. Not only are the antennas heavy, they impose various forces and operate in harsh environments. Together, these factors place significant demands on the gearing components inside the supporting structure. This blog post will highlight the characteristics to look for in gearing components intended for truck-mounted and naval radar systems.

Typical Military Radar Requirements
When the antenna rotates, it sweeps the airspace with a narrow radio wave over a full 360 degrees. The parabolic antenna can transmit and receive linear and circular signals, and it can operate from masts, truck roofs and other portable structures. Some systems are required to reach speeds ranging from 15 to 44 rpm or more. With these challenging requirements, antenna accuracy can suffer without gearboxes that can minimize or eliminate backlash.

Redex planetary gearboxes are ideal for demanding rotating radar and other military applications. For example, our versatile SRP family features exceptional output torsional stiffness, ultra-high output radial stiffness and tilting moment, high input speeds, low inertia, minimal gear frequency noise, excellent acceleration and torque density, and a minimal backlash of one to three arc minutes. Another family — the KRP Series for rack & pinion applications — also offers minimal backlash of one to three arc minutes as a single unit, plus maximum stiffness on the ring gear. Each unit can also integrate with a DualDRIVE or TwinDRIVE Kit as a mechanical or electrically preloaded, respectively, zero-backlash system. Low- or zero-backlash ensures play-free motion for accurate radar tracking.

When you choose Redex planetary gearboxes and Redex USA know-how, you’ll gain the confidence of knowing your gearing components will meet the rigorous demands of rotating radar applications that can otherwise hinder other gear products. They include:

  • Precision and load support. Our ring gears are available with helical teeth for high accuracy, quiet operation and good load-handling capabilities.
  • Impacts and shock loads. Shock loading from vehicular operation or wind shear at sea can cause gear teeth to deform or pivot. Redex USA offers induction-hardened gear teeth that can resist deformations, and our engineers can help you select a gearbox size that accounts for the additional loading that comes from wind at sea.
  • Corrosion prevention. Special coatings — such as Armoloy® or nickel plating — on the ring gear and the pinion provide enhanced protection against corrosion at sea.
  • Temperature extremes. Redex planetary gearboxes offer a wide operating temperature range and are capable of operating anywhere from the Arctic Circle to the tropics.
  • Military specifications. We offer factory accessible testing (FAT) to ensure our components meet relevant MIL specifications and certificate of performance requirements.

Durable, Tested Gearing Components
When selecting gear systems for demanding rotating radar installations aboard ships and land-based vehicles, it pays to work with a manufacturer that can offer quality products and service. Redex planetary gearboxes deliver high performance and durability, and they are tested to ensure you meet stringent specifications. Our team stands ready to provide the technical support to help you select an ideal Redex planetary gearbox for your rotating radar application.

For more information about Redex planetary gearboxes from Redex USA, visit our product page.

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