SRP, a versatile and multi-use solution, is not just another simple planetary gearbox. SRP high-tech planetary reducer is a true integrated concept, including several functions combined together to offer a complete sub-assembly to the most demanding machines.

SRP is the ultimate high-tech servo-reducer, specially dedicated to designs requiring:

  • Superior output torsional stiffness
  • Ultra-high output radial stiffness and Tilting moment
  • Patented output bearing design
  • A high-tech planetary gear train, based on REDEX’s differential know-how
  • ISO 9409-1 output drive flange for mounting pinions, pulleys, couplings, etc.
  • High input speeds
  • Superior acceleration and excellent torque density
  • Minimum backlash (1 – 3 arc-minutes)
  • In-Line or right angle arrangements

This versatile design makes it easy for design engineers to find exact solutions to the most demanding applications.

Two units can be combined together to create a ZERO-BACKLASH DualDRIVE kit (mechanical preload) or TwinDRIVE kit (electrical preload)

The SRP Range consists of:

  • 7 different sizes
  • 9 different ratios from 5 to 91:1
  • Torque Ratings from 150 Lb.Ft. (200 NM) to 13,700 Lb.Ft. (18,600 NM)
  • Input speeds up to 6000 RPM
  • Two levels of accuracy (1’ or 3’ backlash)
  • In-line or right angle motor mounting versions
  • Package solution of rack + pinion + reducer is available, including two standard output pinion options for each size

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