The AnglGear, the original right angle gearbox drive, is widely recognized and is in use worldwide. The AnglGear provides manual or power transmission of rotary motion in a compact, standardized right angle unit.

Our standard line of bevel gearboxes are available from stock in both an Inch and Metric Series, single or dual output shafts, 1:1 or 2:1 ratios, and grease lubricated for life and have an operating temperature range of – 65 degrees F to + 200 degrees F ( – 54 degrees C to + 93 degrees C). Utilizing carburized case-hardened Coniflex* bevel gears, all AnglGear units employ completely enclosed & sealed ball bearings.

The cast aluminum housings on our 90 degree gearboxes are precision machined, on our CNC machining center and then coated with a chemical film to protect the material, and use flanged ends and side bosses for compact installation in a wide range of applications.

The shaft material used for sizes 1, 2 and 3 is #416 stainless steel. On the 2:1 models, the pinion shaft is carbon steel. For the sizes 4 & 5, the material is black oxide carbon steel. Shafts can be provided with special extensions (with flats, splines, holes, etc.) and /or specific lengths upon request.

In addition to our standard models, we will modify our units to meet your design specifications! Our sales and engineering departments are ready to assist you with your specific application requirements.

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AnglGear Quality Specifications: Every AnglGear manufactured is tested to meet our quality specifications and are 100% inspected prior to packaging. This process ensures a consistent quality of our gearboxes.

Backlash: Each unit is checked for its gear-mesh backlash to ensure it is within the prescribed backlash range. For Size 1, the backlash range is ¼ to ¾ degree. For Size 2 through 5, the backlash range is 1/8 to ½ degree. For special applications requiring reduced backlash, please consult the factory.

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Military Specifications: Andantex USA meets MIL-I-45208A for Inspection System Requirements. We can conform to military contracts specifying various MIL-SPEC requirements.

Q: Where is the ANGLgear® made?
A: The ANGLgear® is made in the USA at our facility in New Jersey.

Q: What is the backlash of the ANGLgear® units?
A: For sizes two (2) to five (5) the backlash is 1/8° to 1/2°. Size one (1) is 1/4° to 1/2°.

Q: How often do I have to lubricate the ANGLgear®?
A: The ANGLgear® is lubricated for life and is maintenance-free in normal operation.

Q: What is the housing made from?
A: The ANGLgear® housings are die-cast or sand-cast aluminum alloy.

Q: What are the shafts made of?
A: The shafts for size 1, 2, and 3 in ratio 1:1 are 416 stainless steel. Sizes 4 and 5 shafts are carbon steel. Gearboxes in ratio 2:1 have pinion shafts that are carbon steel.

Q: Are they available in metric sizes?
A: Yes, we have a full range of metric sized ANGLgear®.

Q: Are custom units possible?
A: Yes, Andantex makes a wide variety of custom modifications to the ANGLgear® product line. Please contact us with your requirements.

Q: Are keys provided with the unit?
A: Keys are not provided with the units.

Q: What is the operating temperature range of the ANGLgear®?
A: The standard ANGLgear® is lubricated with Beacon 325 grease and has an operating temperature range of -65° to +200° F.

Q: How do I buy ANGLgear®?
A: You can purchase from your favorite distributor or directly from us.

Product CAD files:

Inch Series
Metric Series


To download the complete set of Metric-Series DXF files (~491 kb), please click here.

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