KRP+ the ‘KIT’ concept includes output flange mounting and integral output pinion which are dedicated to rack & pinion applications.

KRP+ planetary reducers are the SingleDRIVE components in a family of reducers dedicated to Rack & Pinion and Rotary Table drive applications. They can be used alone as a single drive or combined with a second unit to create a ZERO-BACKLASH linear or rotary Axis.

As A SingleDRIVE, the KRP+ features an integral output pinion and planetary gear train that have been optimized for minimum backlash (1 – 3 arc minutes) and maximum STIFFNESS ON RACK.

DualDRIVE kit combines two KRP+ reducers in a patented, mechanically preloaded ZERO-BACKLASH system. The two units are torsionally preloaded against the rack in this closed loop mechanical system. Only one motor is required to drive the axis.

Two KRP+ reducers can also be combined together in an electrically preloaded TwinDRIVE kit. Backlash is eliminated using two motors, one to drive the axis and one to preload the axis.

  • 5 Sizes
  • In-Line or Right Angle arrangements
  • Reduction ratios: 5 to 91
  • Acceleration up to: 1000 in/s^2 (25 m/s^2)
  • Nominal feed force up to: 24,000 Lbs. (105,000 N)
  • Acceleration feed force up to 35,500 Lbs. (158,000 N)
  • Max axis weight up to 200,000 Lbs. (90,000 kg)
  • Max linear speed up to: 6000 in/min. (150 m/min)
  • ZERO-BACKLASH by design

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