New Product: Synchronous Lifting SystemsOctober 26, 2016

rack-jack-250The Rack Jack is a new range of products that provides simple, cost effective lifting or precise positioning of loads from 180 – 1800 Lbs. Rack Jacks come in 3 sizes and are available with one or two pushers (racks). Based on the simple mechanical principal of rack and pinion combined with a robust square housing, Rack Jack ensures reliable operation for a long lifetime. Four standard input options as well as customized designs are available.

Rack Jacks are used in the automotive, machine tool, packaging, material handling, transportation and tire manufacturing industries to name a few. Typical applications include:

  • Compact replacement for scissor lifts in automotive industry
  • Door opening on machine tools, busses and trains
  • 4-Corner raising and lowering of lifts or presses
  • Locating products in packaging and material handling industry
  • Tool position set-up in machine tool and tire industry

The user friendly robust design is customizable with integrated gearboxes, protective covers, specific housing designs and shaft end machining to meet application requirements at a great price.

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