New Product: Large GearsOctober 26, 2016

250Large, made to order gearing solutions are now available from Redex, USA, Inc. Ring gears, gear segments, spiral bevel and herringbone gears provide rotary motion to large turntables and heavy duty rotating devices. These gears can be made to customers drawing or designed to meet application requirements.

Ring gears and gear segments are the cousin to the industry proven Redex racks & pinions. These components help provide rotary motion through 360˚ or reversing rotation through any angle. Ring gears can be provided complete with straight or helical teeth with modules > 5 and diameters up to 2000 mm (79”) in milled (~AGMA 8) or ground quality (~AGMA 11). Gear segments can be for a small angle of rotation or joined together to make a complete ring gear of diameters up to 30 meters (100 feet).

Straight and Spiral Bevel gears, Herringbone gears, and special tooth form sprockets up to 2 meters (79”) in diameter with modules> 5 are manufactured with maximum weight up to 5000 Kg.(11,000 Lbs.) and maximum height of 600 mm (24 in.)

A highly flexible production system linked to CAD/CAM and 5-axis machining insure a cost-effective solution for large size custom gearing.

Components are made to customer print or engineered to meet the application. Complete systems including ring gear/segment, precision reducer, pinion, and automatic lubrication are available from Redex.

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