Servo-Reducers Control Backlash in Composite Machinery, Part 2July 22, 2022

Servo-Reducers Control Backlash in Composite Machinery, Part 2
Backlash is not an option when building advanced composite machines that demand precise, high-speed motion. Failure to prevent backlash can hinder motion accuracy and damage the machine or the finished part. In a previous blog post, we described how you can combine Redex gearboxes to build preloaded drive systems with exceptional stiffness using SRP Series gear reducers. This blog post will explain how you can also create zero-backlash systems using our DRP, KRP and KRPX Series reducers. It will also provide an overview of these components’ features and benefits.

DRP, KRP and KRPX Series reducers are specifically designed for rack and pinion or pinion ring gear drives with radial and torsionally rigid integral output pinions. You can combine these modular units to build a preloaded reducer and motor drive system that prevents backlash by incorporating one of two Redex-patented preloading technologies:

  • REDEX Patented DualDRIVE. These systems achieve a mechanical preload by spring loading or torsionally winding one pinion against the other. They need only one motor, and no special controllers are required.
  • Twin Drive. Twin Drive technology electrically brakes one pinion against the other. These systems incorporate two motors and gearboxes for use with CNC control.

As a result of these technologies, torque is synchronized across the axes, ensuring precise motion without subjecting the machinery to damaging backlash forces.

In addition, these three gear reducer series come with an integral output pinion that delivers exceptional torsional stiffness, reduced drive torque requirements and maximized resonant frequency. Available in five sizes with in-line or right-angle arrangements, they feature:

  • Excellent stiffness-on-rack.
  • Reduction ratios of 5 to 91.
  • Acceleration rate only limited by acceleration torque capacity.
  • Nominal feed force up to 24,000 pounds (105,000 Newton).
  • Acceleration feed force up to 35,500 pounds (158,000 Newton).
  • Maximum axis weight up to 200,000 pounds (90,000 kilograms).
  • Maximum linear speed up to: 6,000 inches per minute (150 meters per minute).

Ensure Precise Motion and Quality Products
When it comes to high-speed composite machinery, backlash is one of the biggest challenges to machine precision and reliability. With DRP, KRP and KRPX Series reducers, you can build zero-backlash preloaded systems that keep your composite part-building machines running at their best while delivering quality finished products.

For more information about DRP, KRP and KRPX Series gear reducers for composite machinery, visit our product page.

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