WAT+ concept enables a comprehensive range of force transducers and accessories, especially designed for dynamic tension measurement of fibers, wires, and web.

Wat+ concept perfectly suits any technically very demanding applications in various high-tech industries such as composites, wire and cable, textiles, as well as the up-to-date packaging, labelling & finishing equipment.

Transducers & Accessories

Transducers Ref
WAT+5 Full scale 50N ME134810-00
WAT+25 Full scale 250N ME134802-00
WAT+50 Full scale 500N ME134890-00
Accessories Ref
ACC-F Pulley mounting shaft ME134803-00
ACC-S Dead shaft mounting ME134811-00
ACC-N100 Roller Ø 50 – L 100mm ME134813-00
ACC-N200 Roller Ø 50 – L 200mm ME134808-00
ACC-N300 Roller Ø 50 – L 300mm ME134814-00
FLANGE Roller Ø 50 – L 300mm ME134812-00

Special requests: WAT+ keeps compatible with your own design!

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