Used either in torque display systems or in torque closed-loop control systems, MEROBEL TRS series offer a plug-and-play solution for test rigs. When embedded in a closed-loop system, it easily allows to dramatically increase the dynamic properties of a torque simulation device and to build more accurate and stable regulation systems.

  • Economical solution compared to dynamic torquemeter
  • Compact & robust design
  • High Torque measurement accuracy
  • Design for direct fitting on MEROBEL FAT20 & FAT50
  • Fexible wiring with 2m shielded cable
  • Easy calibration solution with shunt resistor

Nominal Torque Range (FS): Nm 5
Safe Load Limit: % FS 200
Supply (max): V 5 (10)
Operating temperature: °C 0 – 80
Accuracy: % FS ± 0.2
Sensitivity: mV/V 0.5
Bridge resistance: Ω 350

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