Simplify Automatic Lubrication With a Localized SystemOctober 25, 2022

Simplify Automatic Lubrication With a Localized System
For industrial systems that have long or continuous duty cycles, there’s no better way of ensuring machine uptime than automatically lubricating key components like rack and pinions, gearboxes, ball screws and bearings. Unfortunately, many conventional central lubrication systems are big, difficult to install and can be hard to operate. Additionally, many of the lubrication choices are not ideal for a component but a compromise for all components.

Fortunately, newer and more compact systems are more straightforward in their design and operation, and they can simplify component lubrication. Let’s explore some of the problems associated with typical automatic lubrication systems, along with some of the innovative characteristics to look for in a truly effective system.

Common Automatic Lubrication System Challenges and Solutions

Conventional relubrication systems consist of a high-pressure pump, filters and metal tubing to the components requiring lubrication. The tubing diameter must be large enough and the tube material strong enough to allow for the high pressure necessary to deliver the lubricant over long distances. Here is a list of some common automatic lubrication system challenges along with innovative ways they can be resolved:

  • Central lubrication. In a conventional system, a central lubricator has to service an entire piece of equipment. Not only is the lubricator typically very large, it also requires expensive, high-pressure lubrication lines to be hand fitted. By comparison, a localized lubrication system such as the Redex FlexxPump typically offers one to four outlets — with up to 40 outlets when used with a progressive distributor at specific machine locations.
  • Installation/retrofitting. The high-pressure lubrication lines of a central lube system are a considerable capital expense and require extensive hand-fitting. FlexxPump is a localized lubrication system that uses nylon tubing with push-to-connect fittings to make installation fast and simple. In addition, FlexxPump requires just 24V DC to power the pump and communicate with a programmable logic controller (PLC). Together with the nylon tubing, push-to-connect fittings and a variety of applicators, retrofitting a lubrication system is easy.
  • Applicators for open gearing and specialized lubrication points. Traditionally, lubrication of open gearing is accomplished with felt pinions. The use of felt material for lubrication pinions limits the viscosity of the lubricants. Redex open cell polyurethane foam pinions and applicators can use higher viscosity lubricants and greases up to NLGI 3 class. The polyurethane foam is 76 percent open volume, allowing it to absorb and hold large amounts of lubricants. The sponge-like foam applicators ensure proper lubricant film thickness and can absorb excess lubricant. Furthermore, the open cell structure allows for higher viscosity lubricants that are better suited for open gearing and other applications.
  • Contamination. A felt pinion can become congested with debris and stop applying the lubricant to the gear teeth. Polyurethane foam applicators will not become impacted by debris, resulting in better, more constant lubrication over time.

Additional Features and Benefits

Here are some additional features and benefits that make FlexxPump an attractive choice for automatic lubrication in dynamic, continuous-operation applications:

  • Achieves 70 bar (1,000 psi) for pumping grease up to 10 meters.
  • Onboard programming or PLC controlled; users control lubrication volume time intervals using the onboard electronics or by signals from the machine’s PLC.
  • Convenient cartridges for fast and easy refilling of the pump.
  • Multiple options for applicators, fittings, progressive distributors and progressive distributors with monitoring.

Automatic Lubrication Without Complication

Automatic lubrication systems don’t have to be elaborate and bulky. It is now possible to automatically lube parts faster and with greater efficiency with a localized approach. Redex FlexxPump combines all the essential benefits of an automatic lubrication system plus localized, multipoint convenience, a superior applicator, lightweight and flexible tubes, easily manageable user controls and simple connections. Taken together, you’ll save time and money while ensuring machine uptime and safety without complication.

For more information about the FlexxPump automatic lubrication system, visit our product page.

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