Redex Gear Segments Solve Large-diameter and Custom-gear ChallengesFebruary 8, 2023

Redex Gear Segments Solve Large-diameter and Custom-gear Challenges
Specifying and implementing the right gear for rotary motion applications is often expensive and challenging. For example, some applications may not require 360 degrees of travel. And, conventional gear manufacturing equipment typically can’t produce larger-diameter gears. Ultimately, larger-size gears and small-volume custom orders tend to cost more and have long lead times. Even if you can find a specialty gear that meets your specifications and budget, transportation and limited installation space can still make the project unfeasible.

Fortunately, there’s an option that involves just a fraction of the time, expense and difficulty. Redex gear segments can solve a variety of challenges associated with large or hard-to-specify gear products, such as:

  • Angular motion. Gear segments are well-suited for applications requiring tilting or angular travel less than 360 degrees. Examples include milling spindles that drill holes at an angle and fastening machines that join parts at different angles.
  • Small quantities. Five-axis CNC milling machinery allows us to provide most any size gear segment — no matter how small the order. This capability makes our gear segments a more cost-effective and versatile option.
  • Transportation and installation. Multiple gear segments are easier to transport versus a complete, large-diameter gear, and we provide guidance and tools for joining segments together.
  • Customization. We’ll evaluate your application requirements to design your gear segment. Along with the tools and know-how of our factory, we can also produce complex geared parts to your exact specifications. Advanced software allows us to create your ideal gear tooth.
  • Cost-effective. Thanks to our factory’s advanced CNC milling machine and tools, we can cost-effectively deliver gear segments quickly and efficiently so your machines will get up and running without undue delay.

At Redex, we can provide gear segments in two ways: via ring gears — specified as semi-finished products and divided into multiple ring segments — or individually, produced in conjunction with our European factory. We’ll analyze your application details, such as the load, inertia, acceleration, maximum speed and the angle of travel. Using that information, we can calculate the required torque, correct-size tooth and design gear segments to fit your space requirement.

Our capabilities include:

  • Teeth module 6 and higher.
  • Segment combinations to create any diameter gear, including greater than 10 meters.
  • Various arc angles.
  • Special designs.

We also make installation easy by providing the guidance and tooling for joining the segments on your machine frame and ensuring proper alignment and tool spacing. In addition to providing gear segments, we can custom-manufacture large ring gears, as well as spur, bevel or herringbone gears. Ideal applications include large gear units, wind turbines, ship building, heavy engineering, construction and fastening machinery, and milling spindles.

With Redex gear segments, you can obtain a large-diameter or specially designed gear at a reasonable price and without the hassle. To get started, be sure to contact a Redex technical expert.

For more information about Redex gear segments, visit our product page.

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