Rack and Pinion Systems Boost Timber Processing Equipment Efficiency and ProductivityNovember 1, 2022

Rack and Pinion Systems Boost Timber Processing Equipment Efficiency and Productivity
The wood handling and processing industry features an extensive range of equipment to position, cut, machine, convey, trim, grade and drill workpieces. While the machines may be diverse in their functions, they typically have one common objective: greater productivity. Whether to process workpieces faster or reduce machine downtime, speed and efficiency are driving the industry. That’s why it pays to work with a power transmission and motion component vendor that can address various wood handling and processing applications and requirements.

At the recent Timber Processing and Energy Expo, we showcased two product lines that are well-positioned to help wood industry operations boost their efficiency and bottom line.

Here’s a brief overview:

Rack and pinion systems and components. We offer a wide range of standard rack and pinions and systems so you can meet your size, power, speed, quality level and price requirements. These modular systems can be assembled using different-size racks to achieve any length. Nine standard modules are available ranging from diametral pitch, P, 25.4 to 2.54 millimeters with lengths up to 3 meters, allowing loads from one to 100,000 pounds to be moved at speeds up to 1,000 feet/second (5 meters/second). Six quality levels are available, up to hardened and ground (AGMA 13). Designed to stand up to harsh wood mill conditions, our rack and pinions can be combined with zero backlash systems to achieve very high precision.

FlexxPump Localized Automatic Lubrication System. FlexxPump eliminates the inefficiency, expense and safety risk associated with manually lubricating rack and pinions, gearboxes, ball screws and bearings. This localized system offers 10 outlets for multi-point lubrication — with as many as 40 lubrication points — at specific locations on the machine. Its polyurethane foam applicators with an open cell design can absorb up to 90 percent of their volume, allowing them to hold large amounts of lubricants and ensure proper film thickness. Additional features include lightweight and flexible tubes, easily manageable user controls and simple connections.

When it comes to driving rack and pinion devices, we also offer gearboxes and servo and worm reducers to meet various requirements in wood processing applications. For example, our AnglGear™ right-angle gear drive products are available with 1:1 or 2:1 ratios, and you can choose two- or three-shaft units with either two or three flanges. This rugged family features precision-machined cast aluminum housings, enclosed and sealed ball bearings, and gear-mesh inspections to ensure backlash is within the prescribed range.

A Wide Range of Ideal Gear Components for Timber Processing

When selecting rack and pinion and other gearing products for wood handling or timber processing, be sure to partner with a supplier that has many products that can address the diverse requirements. At Redex, we offer rack and pinion and gear components that satisfy these needs and stand up to harsh factory conditions, making them ideal for wood and timber applications where speed, efficiency and reliability are critical.

For more information about our rack and pinion products, gearboxes and FlexxPump, visit www.redexusa.com.

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