How Redex Offset 32 Tons of Carbon Dioxide Emissions and Earned Carbonfree CertificationMarch 10, 2023

Carbonfree Partner 2023
As companies look to reduce the impact their products and processes have on the environment, it makes sense for them to use eco-friendly products in their production. After all, if we want to reverse the carbon emissions that contribute to the greenhouse gasses altering our climate, change will require a cooperative effort on a global scale. That’s why at Redex, we’re proud to have offset 32 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. Because of this achievement, we have earned’s (Carbonfund) Carbonfree Product Certification.

“We are pleased to see our efforts to lessen our impact on our environment have resulted in a 32-ton reduction of carbon dioxide emissions,” says Thomas Osygus, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Redex USA, Inc. “Our partnership with Carbonfund and Carbonfree certification are central to our continuous goal to manufacture high-quality, environmentally friendly gear products.”

Carbonfund helps individuals and businesses easily calculate and offset their environmental footprint. Purchasing credits supports projects that benefit both our environment and surrounding communities. Co-benefits vary from project to project, but some of the most common include improved air and water quality, erosion control, nutrient buffering, habitat protection, enhanced food supply or providing local jobs.

In addition, Carbonfund encourages Carbonfree-certified companies like us to promote the environmental benefits our products can offer to customers. In this way, companies that choose our gears can be certain our products align with the environmental priorities they have for their own products and processes.

Carbonfund added to our awareness campaign by automatically registering our products in Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly initiative. Taken together, this partnership and certification is a win-win for us and our stakeholders who also want to stem the climate crisis.

Companies Have an Important Role in Fighting the Climate Crisis
At Redex, we’re committed to implementing environmentally responsible processes and policies as we manufacture high-quality motion and gearing products. Thanks to our proactive approach, our 32-ton reduction in carbon emissions and Carbonfree certification demonstrate to our customers and supply chain partners the important impact companies can have in fighting climate change.

For more information about our Carbonfree Product Certification, contact us.

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