Case Studies from Dave Regiec, P.E. | VP of Engineering at RedexAugust 10, 2020

As the VP of Engineering at Redex for over 36 years, David Regiec, P.E. has been providing custom-designed gearboxes and components & systems to machine builders of all types.

New clients come to Redex USA when their existing solution does not meet specifications, or they have a new project that requires updated technology. Below are three examples of how Dave was able to provide custom engineering solutions based on a client’s specific needs.

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Case Study #1

Redex USA Provides Complete Automatic Lubrication System for Robotic 7th Axis

Rack, Pinion & Linear Guide Lubrication System

Installation 1

Our client had a challenge. They were using a Robotic 7th Axis system, meaning their robots not only handled painting, welding and machining of parts but also moved horizontally from station to station. However, this advanced system was proving problematic; their racks, pinions & bearings were manually lubricated, and sometimes there was too little or too much lubrication. This caused system failures, requiring the plant to stop work and extra maintenance to be performed.

After approaching Redex, we designed and manufactured a completely automated lubrication system.

Installation 2

Our solution:

  • Ensured that accurate quantities of lubricant were supplied.
  • Allowed for easy monitoring.
  • Reduced plant downtime.
  • Increased safety (no need for maintenance technicians to enter the hazardous moving zone of robots).
  • Was cost-effective.

Let Redex provide a customized solution for your assembly systems that will meet your budget.

Case Study #2

Redex Provides Critical Components For One of the World’s Top Aerospace Companies

X, Y, & Z Axis Drives on Automated Fiber Placement Machine

Electroimpact is an American aerospace automation company. Headquartered in Washington, their projects include complete automation assembly systems for commercial aircraft wings, robotic assembly systems, spacecraft handling equipment, and more. Its customers are both commercial and military aircraft manufacturers.

Electroimpact came to us because they had some unique challenges with the design of an Automated Fibre Placement (AFP) machine, which was to be used for the manufacture of large commercial aircraft structures (fuselages, wing skins, and spars). As part of their manufacturing process, they needed a precision gearbox in a unique torque and thrust range.

Redex TwinDRIVE Electrically Preloaded Zero-Backlash

Our mission was twofold; to eliminate backlash and to ensure perfect repeatability thereby eliminating carbon fiber strip (tow) splice breaks despite frequent bidirectional accelerations. Furthermore, the X-Axis which had to be precisely driven at a speed of 2000 in./min. (50 M/min.) weighed 375,000 Lbs.

To accomplish this, we offered the largest servo quality planetary gearboxes available in a ZERO-BACKLASH TwinDRIVE arrangement. This consisted of two planetary reducers electrically coupled together, racks, pinions, and an automatic lubrication system. This eliminated the backlash, insured precise position control and provided smooth acceleration up to 0.2g.

Let Redex can provide a customized solution for your assembly systems that will enhance your productivity.

Case Study #3:

Redex Develops a Less Expensive, More Effective Solution For VTL Turntable drives.

Redex Twin MSR Table Drive for Turning & C-Axis2

The MSR VTL turntable drive system is a relatively new technology that allows for high power turning and precise C-Axis motion for milling. Previously, the turntable had been composed of a main drive for turning operations, and a separate preloaded gearbox for C-axis drive milling and drilling operations. However, this type of setup is complex and expensive.

VTL Table Drive

Redex redesigned the drive to include two identical Right angle 2-Speed gearboxes that share the torque during turning operations allowing the use of two smaller motors. Then during C-axis operations one motor drives, the other brakes to eliminate backlash, resulting in very accurate positioning for precise milling and drilling operations. This eliminates the need for an expensive dual pinion C-axis gearbox that has to be disengaged from the table during turning operations.

Redex’s solution can be applied to new turntable designs or retrofits easily. Not only is it less expensive, but it is also compact too, taking up less space because the main drive motors are half the size of the conventional turning motor.

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