Announcing VP Mary Ann Bradley’s Retirement After Rewarding Career at REDEXDecember 22, 2023

Mary Ann Bradley

Mary Ann Bradley is retiring at the end of this year after a long and fruitful career at Andantex USA. Andantex was recently acquired by its partner REDEX. She started her career here in 1986, a few years after her father, George Munn, co-founded the company in 1980 with Paul Defontenay.

Prior to joining Andantex, Mary Ann graduated from high school in Fairfax, Virginia, then worked at a law firm and was a liability insurance adjuster for 10 years. Although she was initially hired for purchasing, she soon made her way to IT. A true jack-of-all-trades, Mary Ann also helped with order entry, invoicing and inventory. She eventually worked her way up to vice president, working alongside the sales departments and her siblings, Mike Munn and Pat Drescher.

Under Mary Ann’s leadership, Andantex continued to grow. “We hired many great people over the years who have always worked hard together,” she says. “I give them credit because that is not always easy to do, but we have become a true family.”

Memories that stand out for Mary Ann include the times she met Paul Defontenay at the grand opening of Andantex, as well as the company trips she took with Andantex employees. “My father had organized the first trip as a reward for everyone’s hard work and dedication. Mike, Patty and I have gone on to organize three more trips, where we made many memories!”

Mary Ann will also remember her close work with REDEX CEO Bruno Grandjean and REDEX CFO Sylvie Grandjean: “There are so many great employees at REDEX that I developed a close relationship with, and they will be missed!”

On behalf of everyone at REDEX, we wish Mary Ann a long, relaxing retirement! Thank you for all your contributions to our company!

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